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Leucorrhoea or ‘ Sweta pradar’, as called in Ayurveda, is an abnormal whitish-yellow discharge from the vagina of a woman. It is not a disease but a symptom of other diseases like anaemia, diabetes, any bacterial infection, or any sexually transmitted disease. If left untreated leucorrhoea symptoms can advance to a burning sensation, irritation, and other infections.

Leucotreat is the best Ayurvedic leucorrhoea medicine which is constituted of hand-picked and precious Ayurveda herbs which strengthen the female reproductive system and completely cure symptoms of leucorrhea.

The main symptom of leucorrhoea is an abnormal white secretion from the vagina which may or may not be accompanied by foul smell. Broadly it can be categorized in 4 types.

1. Vulvar Leucorrhoea: usually found in young girls.

2. Vaginal Leucorrhoea: usually found in young age women.

3. Cervical Leucorrhoea(cervix): is usually found in pregnant women.

4.Uterine Leucorrhoea(uterus): is usually found in pregnant women.

Leucorrhoea can also be categorized based on the root cause:

1. Physiological Leucorrhoea: Estrogen hormone stimulation can cause leucorrhoea as a defense mechanism, where the sticky whitish-yellow discharge serves to preserve the flexibility of the vaginal tissues. The symptoms can be found in various stages of pregnancy and often in infant girls due to uterine exposure to estrogen.

2. Inflammatory Leukorrhea: This type of leucorrhoea occurs due to some bacterial infection or sexually transmitted diseases and leads to inflammation of vaginal tissues.


Leucorrhoea can be caused due to several factors:

1. The main cause behind leucorrhoea is lack of nutrition and irregular lifestyle.

2. According to Ayurveda wrong food combinations can also lead to leucorrhoea.

3. Heavy weight lifting, excessive stress, insufficient sleep, and frequent abortions can lead to symptoms of leucorrhea.

4. It can also be caused due to lack of hygiene and internal injury.

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